My best and typically not sure where it's from.

We've only got a couple more rooms in the house to do up now.  I kind of wish there were more;  that I'd been patient and hadn't done everything so quickly, all in one go.  Chaz is pretty good at trusting me to make decorating decisions.  Even after turning upstairs into a jungle and painting our bedroom a seriously dark blue.  Next on the doing up list is the downstairs loo.  If there's ever a room for a crazy wallpaper, this is surely it.  The problem is, is that the walls are already covered in a perfectly nice beetles from Farrow and Ball.  I'm trying to compile a collection of ones that are too wonderful for him to resist.

Osboure and Little Penguin covers

Barneby Gates Stars and Fresco Birds

Mr Perswall Library.  Colourful Knowledge.

Brooklyn Tin Tiles