According to the horoscope I read last weekend, 2013 is meant to be 'my year'.  Not quite sure exactly what it meant by that;  But I was fairly sure it was a good thing.  I was envisaging everyone being happy and healthy, my book becoming a best seller and I'd win the lottery a few times.  Nothing major. So far, not so good.  In fact, this year couldn't really be going any worse if it tried.  I know Christmas technically, was last year but I'm still including it.  This was spent mopping up snot/sick and administering Calpol to the bigger Cub.  We had then had to cancel our New Year plans with friends to look after the smaller Cub who was also at death's door.  New Year's day passed by in a tearful, snotty blur and I told myself it could only get better. 

How wrong could I be?  January 2nd saw me throwing a cup of tea over my laptop.  Not just a tiny spillage; we're talking full on flood.  Just as I was sitting down to write the proposal for my new book.  After hysterically grilling about twenty Apple technicians the only proposed solution was to leave it off and leave it by the AGA overnight to dry out.  As hard as it was, I did as I was told and left it alone.  I came downstairs on the third to find, guess what, an icy cold, broken AGA. And a wet cold laptop.
As I write a nice man called Gary is trying to fix my computer and a second plumber is working his magic.  (The first couldn't help and gave up leaving us oven-less and with a bill of £300.) I'm ignoring the passing mention of a £900 computer repair bill and instead hoping that my luck is going to change.  And if things do magically mend themselves, I'm going to buy myself some Isabel Marant trainers.  Which will technically be free.  I'm mentally down £900 already so actually, even with the shoes, I'll be £500 richer...
Things are definitely looking up.

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