I'm having a crochet moment. It generally has a bit of a bad name. Someone says crochet and you think of grannies, doilies, that old musty smell. General fuddyduddyness.
This season though, there are so many beautiful crocheted pieces. Not just on bags but shoes, shorts, dresses, jumpers....everywhere you look, it's there, wanting to lure you in.
I've been a fan ever since my lovely friend at Gucci put a very rare and beautiful, cream, crocheted lace bag to one side for me. Only 150 were ever made so in my eyes not just a collectors item but an investment too.
Karl Lagerfeld's collection last Summer for Chanel was pure heaven for me. Properly artsy-crafty. The only problem was the price tags. The idea of coughing up thousands for something that I really could have made myself when I was twelve makes me feel like a lunatic.
In fact, I might just give it ago. There are 13 million articles on google offering to teach me 'how to crochet', so why not have a go?

Chanel Crochet S/S10

My favourite finds this week are a real bargain and seriously beautiful. Someone even stopped me and asked if they were Chanel yesterday.

Crochet ballet shoes by Topshop

This crochet bunting garland from 'little tea wagon' on Etsy would be very at home in my kitchen.