I have been back in London for just two weeks and it already feels like we never left. Everything is exactly as we left it. The city, our home, our friends- all the same.
It sometimes feels like we're just here for a few days. I cant quite get used to the idea that I don't need to rush around at a million miles an hour to cram everything in or try to meet up with all my friends on day one.
It probably sounds a bit obvious but it's very important to me that home really feels like home. So in the months before we moved back I hired a decorator to re-do bits of the house. In every house i've ever lived in, I've always dreamt of having wallpaper but have never been able to come to a decision of which one to choose. If you added up the time I have spent looking at wallpapers one might think I have a small wallpaper problem. This time I have eventually made up my mind and gone for the beautiful Nina Campbell Birdcage Walk for a few walls in our bedroom and dusky blue Sanderson swallows for the staircase wall. There are very few walls covered but it has completely transformed the whole house.

Sanderson Swallows.